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Yr 4 - Sycamore

Welcome to Sycamore Class.

The Class Teacher is Ms Grace.

Sycamore Class 2023 - 2024

10.10.23 Big Live Assembly Celebrating Black History Month 2023

09.10.23 Look at our inspiring book corner.

29.9.23 Sketching a bust portrait of a Roman emperor using shading pencils.

Reading Cafe - Our parents joined us in the hall to read. 27.9.23

26.9.23 Sycamore class out in the fields practising our bounce and chest passes.

11.09.23 Searching for all that is bright and beautiful in God's creation. R.E lesson on creation.

Sycamore Class 2022 - 2023

15.6.23 - We visited Harry Potter World. It was the best day of our lives. We saw the set for the movies and were able to see representations of the real characters.

14.6.23 - Military Day @ St Paul's. We had Sgt John visit us again to show us what training in the military is like. We had workshops on the field to practise taking cover and how to watch out for danger when on military duties. He showed us how to scout an area before entering to rescue a wounded soldier. We also learnt how to bandage a wound and the best methods to use when lifting a wounded soldier. It was a really exciting day.

07.06.23 - We watched a movie today titled 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'. We are really excited about the story and can't wait to write our own versions. The characters seem interesting and the sudden turn of events for Harry Potter is beyond belief. This has been an incredible story so far.

Summer 1

Our Learning Quest is...


24.5.23 - We were able to take part in a fun fitness circuit alongside a top GB athlete named Sophie Ogilvie. It was super exciting. After the workout, we were fully energised and ready to continue with our learning in the classroom. We are keen to use our sponsorship forms to raise money for our school and for Sports For Schools..

23.5.23 - Our Church Visit. Today we went to worship at St Augustine's church. We learnt about the special birthdays in the church especially Pentecost. Rev Jim told us that when he was a little boy, Pentecost was during half term and families were able to celebrate it together. Pentecost is when the holy spirit came to dwell amongst men. We looked at some pictures of the disciples with tongues of fire on their heads and used colouring pencils to show how these would have looked on the day of Pentecost.



Today we worked on using the backhand shot in tennis. We talked about accuracy, precision and the importance of being able to react and return a shot, wherever it falls.

22.2.23 Should balloons be banned? Our argument for or against. Balloons are beautiful and are for our enjoyment. Balloons can help develop hand eye coordination and improve gross motor skills. Balloons litter the environment and can harm sea life if swallowed. Animals mistake balloons for food and get entangled in it which restricts their movement.

08.02.23  Sycamore Class Worship @ St. Augustine's Church


Sycamore pupils listening intently to Rev Jim's teaching.Standing up to follow the directions exercise led by Rev JimSycamore Class Worship at St Augustine's Church

16.1.23 What did we find in our forest school? Vertebrates or invertebrates? How can we classify these animals?

09.01.23 Science! What are you? A mammal, reptile, amphibian, bird or fish? Can you sort these out into their groups?

Autumn 2

Our Learning Quest is...

'Extraordinary Explorers'

9.12.22 - Today was our class Christmas performance. Sycamore class sang beautifully and read their lines clearly and confidently.

9.12.22 - Christmas Performance

30.11.22 - In our R.E lesson, we were discussing, sorting and analysing Christian beliefs. What do Christians believe?

Understanding what Christians believe. Our class pupils working together to sort what Christians believe based on the teachings of the Bible.

16.11.22 - Sycamore Super Gymnasts. In our P.E lesson this term, the children have been learning about balance and how to use gym equipment to enhance their bridges.

4.11.22 - Sycamore class workshop with Sgt John Bagudu, a paratrooper from the British army. We learnt about the work that soldiers do all around the world and why we must remember them. We looked at all the gear that soldiers take with them to work and learnt about the foods that they eat when they are away.

Autumn 1 Learning Quest Letter - Time Travellers

13.10.22 - Sycamore class visit to Bushey court to see the residents. We made storyboards of their most memorable times. What an awesome time we had!