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Y6 - Redwood

Welcome to Redwood Class.

The Class Teacher is Miss Miller.

Autumn 1 - "I'm a Survivor!" - Learning Quest Parent Overview


Summer 2 - I'm a Year 6, Get Me Out of Here! - Learning Quest Parent Overview

Summer 1 - 'We are the Champions!' - Parent Quest Letter

Spring 2 'The Viewer' Parent Quest Letter.

In Year 6 our Butterflies are growing beautifully in the pupa/chrysalis. The chrysalis is a hard shell that caterpillars form as an outer layer of protection while it turns into a butterfly.. We cannot wait to see the next stage!

P.E. Today we looked at how to be attackers in Hockey. We had to get creative so the defence didn't win!

World Book Day: We celebrated in style with our whole Year 6 theme of ' Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' great effort made by all!

Spring 1 'Pandora' Parent Quest Letter.

Well done on getting a 'Wow' moment in Art this afternoon! You have really captured the idea behind the Greek pottery.

Today we have been designing our own Greek vases. For this we sketched out our ideas first then added charcoal for more of an effect.

R.E. Key Question: how have we developed our key ideas arising from our study of Genesis 1? How and why are these helpful or inspiring or not? Today we looked at the difference between religious questioning and scientific. We decided that it is okay to believe in all theories in relation to creation of the world.

The children have been working really hard on their homework and classwork. They have also begun to see the different times in history taught through the years by placing these on our timeline.

History- Key Question: How can we tell what lives were like in Ancient Greece by looking at artefacts? Today we travelled back in time to an Ancient Greek market. We had to look at many primary and secondary sources to see if we could tell what they were used for and what it would be like.

Science- Skill: to plan a scientific enquiry to answer questions and use it to test results. In this lesson we had to use a light source and an object to see how the shape changes. In this lesson we had to work in a team ( Koinonia) to use a torch and a pencil to see how a shape changes depending on the distance of the light source.

Science- Skill: How does light reflect for us to see? In this lesson we had a black box with an object inside. We then had to decide how we would be able to see the object inside. As a group we chose to pierce a hole in the box in the top and the side to let light in.

Skill: to learn the Samba. In P.E today we had to learn the basic moves of the Samba to re-create carnival dance moves. We had to use Koinonia, Friendship, Respect and Hope to build a good routine.

In today's History lesson (links to Geography) we had to answer the Key Question: Who were the Ancient Greeks? We had to create a timeline, find Sparta and Athens on a map and use Koinonia to work well together.

Skill: to act in role. Today we had to use Koinonia to work in a team to create a Spartan Soldier's interview for his role in the army. We had to remember vital information to able to portray them well.

Redwood Christmas Performance


Autumn 2 'Fallen Fields' Parent Quest letter

Today we were using our koinonia skills in History. We had to work together to answer our enquiry question: How well does a fictional story tell us what life was life as an evacuee?

19.11.21 Skill: to make a circuit. Today we had re-create our own circuit using, batteries, wires, motors, buzzers, bulbs and switches.

15.11.21 Skill: to create a matching mini sequence using apparatus. Today we recapped our mirroring and matching skills, we then used those to create a sequence using; canon; unison and mirroring techniques.

Skill: to write a poem. Today we looked at poems from WW2 and discussed key vocabulary. We were then able to write some outstanding poems of our own.

Enquiry Question: How significant was The Blitz? Today we became historians and looked at a variety sources to be able to come up with our own idea about The Blitz. We were then able to use our chronology skills to piece together a timeline with key events.

Today in Science we re-created parts of the blood to show exactly what happens in our bodies. Links to Articles 28,29

Today in RSHE we worked in groups to find the links between Mental and physical health. Links with our Christian Values of trust, friendship and articles 28,29,