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St Paul's (Slade Green)

C of E Primary School

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Being a Church School

Our Christian Values!

School Vision

We aim to be a school of excellence, where everyone feels safe, valued, respected and has the confidence to ‘walk tall’ and achieve great things, as a unique child of God.

'Always our best for God, each other and ourselves.'

Christian Values


As a Church school, the values that underpin daily life at St Paul’s arise from the Christian faith. Friendship, Respect, Koinonia, Trust, Forgiveness, and Hope inform every aspect of our school community life.



Scripture Linked to our Vision 


In the same way, though we are many, we are one body in union with Christ, and we are all joined to each other as different parts of one body. So we are to use our different gifts in accordance with the grace that God has given us.


If our gift it to speak Gods message, we should do it according to the faith that we have.

If it is to serve, we should serve.

If it is to teach, we should teach.

If it is to encourage others, we should do so.

Whoever shares with others should do it generously.

Whoever has authority should work hard.

Whoever shows kindness to others should do it cheerfully


Romans 12: 5-8


The story:                 There was once a group of children who were asked to plan a play, rehearse it and show it to the whole school. The children were from different year groups. Some felt confident and others were very shy. For example, one child was very nervous and didn’t want to be on stage, another child struggled to think what the play would be about and another who had a vivid imagination had written some lovely stories. These children along with the others in the group discovered that together they could design and perform an excellent play. The child who was nervous looked after all the lighting, the child who thought they had no imagination took the star role and the one who wrote lovely stories wrote and designed the play. Everyone discovered that without the support and encouragement of each other the play would not have been a success. Everybody discovered that the part they took was equally important as the others.


Linked to our vision:                As children of God we are all uniquely formed and each of us are given different gifts and talents. It takes time to discover exactly what we are good at, what challenges us and how we can support others in achieving their full potential. At St Paul’s we encourage all the children to discover what they are good at and also to acknowledge what is difficult. We also demonstrate through our values that helping and supporting others to achieve their best helps to bring harmony, create friendships and to experience the value of community. Whilst we endeavour to achieve this we also encourage the children to experience the awe and wonder of life and to share the wow moments with others when they are experienced.


The passage from St Paul’s letter to the Romans shows us that although we may be a single individual we are also joined together by our faith in Jesus Christ. Through this faith we are taught to understand that together we can achieve our personal best and encourage others to do so at the same time. We continually strive to demonstrate to the children that everyone is unique and valued as a child of God.

We thought about why this theology is important to our school...


'Reverend Jim chose this because, in our school we show kindness, respect, honesty and forgiveness. We do this as a team/community because we all flourish but we're all different. We are like branches on a tree but we all grow in our own ways and flourish as one' (Danny Year 6).


'Reverend Jim chose this passage because the story fits our school. For example we are all different but we make a community' (Henry- Year 4).


'This bible passage is important to our school because it celebrates our differences' Junior (Year 3). 


'Reverend Jim chose this passage because we're all unique, different but together we're a united community with teamwork' (Freddie Year 3). 


'This bible passage is special to our school because if we all have different gifts and we all work as a team and combine our gifts together it will make our school a better place' (Joba Year 5).


'This bible passage is important to our school because we are a team and a community. Even though we're all different we work as a team. We have different skills because we are all unique' (Sophie Silver Birch).


'This bible passage is important to our school because it implies morals to help us be the best we can be and all be unique children of God. We use koinonia; respect; hope; trust; friendship to help us encourage and motivate others and use our gifts to help us all flourish' (Layla Year 6). 


'This bible passage is important to our school because we are a school that gives all the things Roman tells us: be generous, be kind and show our Christian values. This school gives us the things we need to succeed including: life, liberty and democracy' (Dominion Year 6). 



Children in Silver Birch drew the story to share with others!

'This story is important to our school because it shows we are part of a community'- Harry (Silver Birch)


'It shows that we are all unique but we are a team'- Bebe (Silver Birch)

Year One drew pictures explaining the theology for our school...

Reflection Areas

Bishop James officially blesses St Paul's as a Church School and opens our Reflective Garden - 17th July 2019