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St Paul's (Slade Green)

C of E Primary School

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Being a Church School

Mission Statement


Always our best for God, each other and ourselves.


School Vision


We aim to be a school of excellence, where every child feels safe, valued, respected and has the confidence to ‘walk tall’ and achieve great things, as a unique child of God.


Christian Values


As a Church school, the values that underpin daily life at St Paul’s arise from the Christian faith. Friendship, Respect, Koinonia, Trust, Forgiveness, and Hope inform every aspect of our school community life.

Religious Education Statement

Spirituality at St Paul's

Bishop James officially blesses St Paul's as a Church School and opens our Reflective Garden - 17th July 2019

Religious Education


Religious Education is distinctly separate from worship, and is valued highly within our curriculum. At St Paul’s (Slade Green) Church of England Primary School, we follow the agreed RE syllabus for the Diocese of Rochester. This is based on the ‘Understanding Christianity’ resource which encourages deep exploration of the Christian faith and other major world religions. Through the use of key questions, children are encouraged to engage critically with texts, consider the impact of theological concepts on modern day life, and draw connections between Christianity and other religions. Children are encouraged to develop their own thinking in relation to their understanding of Christianity and other religions.


For more details, please see the RE Curriculum Overview and RE Policy below, or visit the 'Understanding Christianity' website:


Parents have the right to withdraw their child from Religious Education lessons, however, it is hoped that by choosing a Church of England school for their child, parents accept that their child will take part in Religious Education lessons. Parents who do wish to withdraw their child should make an appointment to meet with the School Principal.​

Collective Worship


Children are invited to join in with acts of worship every day at St Paul's. In recognition of all participants, we make no such assumption that all have the same beliefs and values and we learn to respect each other.


Collective worship provides opportunities for the whole school community to engage with their own spirituality. During this time we explore the big questions of life, reflect, share each other's joys and challenges, and affirm our school values.


Guiding Lights


This group of children guides Collective Worship. They choose the songs, the Bible verses, and play a part in leading worship.

Reflection Areas

St Augustine's, Slade Green


Our Church is called St Augustine's.


It is a short walk from our school and belongs to the Diocese of Rochester.


We love visiting our Church throughout the year for key events such as Christmas, Easter, and Leavers' Services, as well as on class trips which deepen our learning and strengthen our links with the community.


We are fortunate that Reverend Jim, who is also a governor at St Paul's, frequently leads worship at our school.


The Church plays a welcoming and inclusive role in our community and opens its doors to everyone.  For more information, visit the website for St Augustine's:






One World Week

Reception Nativity