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Y2 - Oak

Welcome to Oak Class.

The Class Teacher is

Mrs McGuinness 

Phonics: How to pronounce pure sounds | Oxford Owl

Learn how to pronounce all 44 phonics sounds, or phonemes, used in the English language to help your child with their phonics!

Oak Class 2023 - 2024

Term 2 - Heroes and Villains 

In PE we have been how to dribble a ball and how to throw a chest pass.

In DT, we have been making hand puppets. We have been learning the running stitch to sow our puppets together.

We will remember!

Owl Visit! It was amazing to see the different owls and watch them fly in the hall!

In Geography this week, we have been learning about the 4 points of a compass. We used a compass to find the North, East, South and West points of the playground.

Look at our portraits of the Queen!

This week in Art, we have used our sketching skills to sketch the Queen. We also used out colouring mixing knowledge to paint the Queen.

We loved the Reading Cafe! We read lots of fun and exciting books with our parents!

In English this week, we made a magical dream jar. We are going to use these pictures to write our own instructions using imperative verbs.

We won the reader trophy this week! We are top readers! Article 17: The right to access information. Article 31: The right to Leisure, Play and Culture.

In Art we have been learning how to use different types of lines to sketch. We then practiced sketching a portrait making sure the proportions were correct!

Author Visit! We was so lucky to have a real life author come into school. We completed a workshop. Together we made up a story about invisible cows! It was so much fun!

Oak Class 2022 - 2023

Summer 2 Learning Quest - Ahoy Matey!

We enjoyed our trip to the Maritime Museum. We met a pirate, saw some ship heads and explored some ships. It was the best day!

Games Day 2023 Links to article 31: The right to leisure, play and culture.

Summer 1 Learning Quest - Into the Jungle

In DT we designed and made a jungle jeeps. We used wheels and axels so the jungle jeep could move. We also used a saw to cut the axels to the correct size! Article: 28 The right to an education. Article 29: Goals to an education.

For English we went on a trip to the farm. We got the bus to the farm. It was so much fun! We saw lots of different animals. The next day we wrote a recount about our amazing trip. 

We all took turns and planted some seeds. We are now going to watch them grow.

We went to the church for worship. We thought about what prayers we would like to write for our families and friends.

We dressed up as our favourite book characters. 

Look at our amazing homework!

Spring 1 Learning Quest - Explosive Events

We are Reading Stars! We read every day!

Science Experiment - which material is the best for protecting the egg when dropped from a height?

Collective Worship with Reverend Jim

We had a very important visitor come to St. Paul's yesterday to talk about her job! She was a detective in the police! We asked her lots of questions about her job, what she does, how she got into that role, if she needed any training and many more! She even let us try on her hats! 

Links to Articles: 3, 6, 12, 13, 15, 28, 29

Links to Christian Values: Hope, Trust, Respect

Links to British Values: Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Democracy, Mutual Respect

Thankful circle. What are you thankful for? We are thankful for our friends. We thanked our friends and explained why they are so important to us.

In Dance we have been creating our own water dances.

Which material is waterproof? We tested out lots of different materials and recorded the results onto a table.

In Science, we are learning about changing materials. We experimented with different materials and asked questions. Can it bend? Can it stretch? Can you twist it?

In History, we have been looking at timelines. We worked together to put the events in chronological order.

We read for pleasure everyday! We have been reading some fantastic stories.

Autumn 2 Learning Quest - Heroes and Villains

Yesterday we had a special visitor!

We added eyes and details to our puppets. Do you like them?

We have been making our own hand puppet in DT. We cut out the material and have sown the two pieces together.

Christmas Nativity 2022

We wore odd socks for Anti Bullying day.

We Will Remember! The whole School made poppies to remember the soldiers in the war.

Autumn 1 Learning Quest - Magnificent Beasts

We painted our sketches of the Queen. We looked at the shadows on her face and the different shades in her hair.

Thank you for your kind donations. We understand the importance of giving to others and celebrated this at the Harvest Festival.

In Geography we have been learning how to use a compass. We know the four points of a compass.

We have been reading the BFG. Today we have been following instructions to make our very own dream jar. Do you like them?

In ICT we have been learning to become programmers. We used the beebots to practice programming a series of instructions.