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Y6 - Poplar

Welcome to Poplar Class.

The Class Teacher is Mrs Goda.

Spring 1 'Pandora' Parent Quest Letter.

Science- Skill: to plan a scientific enquiry to answer questions and use it to test results. In this lesson we had to use a light source and an object to see how the shape changes.

History- Key Question: How can we tell what lives were like in Ancient Greece by looking at artefacts? Today we travelled back in time to an Ancient Greek market. We had to look at many primary and secondary sources to see if we could tell what they were used for and what it would be like.

In today's History lesson (links to Geography) we had to answer the Key Question: Who were the Ancient Greeks? We had to create a timeline, find Sparta and Athens on a map and use Koinonia to work well together.

Poplar Christmas Performance


Autumn 2 'Fallen Fields' parent quest letter.

15.11.21 Skill: to create a matching mini sequence using apparatus. Today we recapped our mirroring and matching skills, we then used those to create a sequence using; canon; unison and mirroring techniques.

This half term we are learning about World War 2. We have started out history lessons creating the timeline of WW2 and researching facts about the war. These facts will help us to write a non-chronological report about the war in English lessons.

In Science, children were learning about different components of blood including red cells, white cells, platelets and plasma and during 'Blood investigation' they were able to create 'blood'.

Team work is very important in year 6. We were working together in RSHE lessons and learning about the importance of well-being finding solutions how to keep our physical and mental health well and strong.