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Y3 - Willow

Welcome to Willow Class.

The Class Teacher is Miss Hunt.

Times Table Rockstars!

Phonics: How to pronounce pure sounds | Oxford Owl

Learn how to pronounce all 44 phonics sounds, or phonemes, used in the English language to help your child with their phonics!

Our Learning Quest in term 1 and term 2 is 'Time Travellers!'

R.E. - What does water mean to us?

In R.E., we discussed the importance of water. We looked at what it meant to us and how we use it everyday. We discussed why Christians may use water during a baptism. 


Links to Article 14, 28, 27

Christian Values: Koinonia, Respect, Trust

Science - Food labels

In Science, we investigated the nutritional value of different foods. We looked at what each part of the food labelled meant and how we could compare them to answer and enquiry question.


Links to Article: 27, 28 and 31

Christian Values: Koinonia 


Willow Class  2022 - 2023 Y3/4

Summer 2 - Our Learning Quest is 'Potions' continued!

Our Learning Quest - Potions! (Continued)

We had so much fun on our trip to Harry Potter world! We explored the Great Hall, the Forbidden Forest and even stopped off at Privet Drive! The children were very well behaved and had the best day. 


Links to Article 31, 28, 29

Christian Values: Respect

Summer 1 - Our Learning Quest is 'Potions'

Bushey Court Visit

We visited our local retirement home as part of an intergenerational project! We had lots of fun talking to the residents and planting seeds. We can't wait to see our flowers grow! 


Links to Articles: 31, 28, 29, 24

Christian Values: Koinonia, Trust, Hope, Friendship

In PE this term we are learning all about tennis. We practised how to hold the racket through lots of different team games. Then we worked in partners to play floor tennis!


Links to Article: 28, 29, 31

Christian Values: Koinonia, Trust

D.T. - Making Egyptian bread!

In D.T. we made Egyptian bread using yeast to make them rise. We all had a go kneading the bread. Once it was cooked we tasted the bread, it was very tasty! 


Links to Article: 28, 29, 30

Christian Values: Koinonia, trust, hope 

English - Writing a setting description!

In English, we are writing setting descriptions about George's house and kitchen. We used lots of exciting vocabulary to help the reader use their imagination!


Links to Article: 29, 28


King's Coronation celebrations!

We celebrated the King's coronation by wearing red, white and blue. We joined the whole school in a celebratory parade then had lots of fun in our class party! 


Links to Article: 31, 28, 29 

Christian Values: Trust, Respect, Koinonia, Hope

Art - Quentin Blake

In Art this term, we are looking at the artist 'Quentin Blake'. We experimented using the different techniques to recreate a painting of George from George's Marvellous Medicine'.


Links to Article 29, 28 and 31.

Christian Values: trust, respect, koinonia

English - Making potions!

In English, we have been writing instructions about making potions! We started by creating our own magical, marvellous potions! 


Link to Article 28, 29

Christian Values: Koinonia 

Spring 2 - Blue Abyss

Star Readers!

Well done to these Year 4 for reading at least 5 times a week this term! 

Keep it up!


Links to Article 28, 29

English - Class debate and researching!

In English, we are reading the story 'Song of a dolphin boy'. This week, we used the key theme of the story to create a class debate. We split into two teams to debate the question 'Should balloons be banned to reduce environmental pollution?'. We used the laptops to research all the facts about the arguments for and against balloons. 


Links to Article 28, 29, 24

Christian value: Respect, Koinonia

In P.E. this week, we was learning how to shoot in basketball. We all had a go to practice shooting with the hoop!

Links to Article 31, 28, 29

Christian Values: Koinonia

P.E. Gymnastics

In Gymnastics, we have been exploring symmetrical and asymmetrical balances using high and low. 

Links to Articles 28, 29, 31

Christian Values: Koinonia, Respect, Trust


In Basketball, we have used bounce pass and chest pass in a team to score points. We also used dribbling to move away from the defender. 

Links to Articles 28, 29 and 31

Christian Values: Koinonia, Respect and Trust

This term in DT, we have designed and started to create a catapult! We measured, cut and joined wood to create the base and frame. We can't wait to test to see who catapult fires the furthest! 

Links to articles 28, 29, 31

Christian values: koinonia, respect


26.1.23 Maths - Measuring volume and capacity

In Maths, this week we started to investigate volume and capacity. 

Links to Article 28, 29

Christian Values: Koinonia


Science - What is friction?

In Science, we were exploring friction! We created a fair test to see which material caused the most friction. The children identified that the smoother the surface the less friction is made. 


Links to Articles 28, 29, 13

Christian Values - Koinonia


R.E. - What is important to Sikh people?

In R.E. we started learning about a new religion. This term we will learning all about the Sikh faith. We investigated Sikh artefacts and discussed what their importance may be. 


Links to Article 28, 29, 13 and 14


Maths - Exploring length!

In Maths, we are exploring length. We used a metre stick to measure items from around the class that were less than 1 metre. Then we discovered we could use a tape measure to measure longer items. We learnt how to measure in metres and centimetres.

Links to Articles 28 and 29

We worked using koinonia.

Science - Investigating rocks!

In Science, we looked at the properties of rocks. First, we predicted which rocks were permeable. Then we carried out different experiments to test the permeability of each rock. We sorted them into groups. 


Links to Article 28 and 29. 

We used Koinonia during this experiment. 

PE - Handball

In PE this term, we have been learning the skills used in handball. We practiced our shoulder pass when working in a team. We also used our prior knowledge of defending to play a game of handball!


Links to Article 28, 29 and 31. 

Christian Values - Koinonia, Trust and Friendship

R.S.H.E - Making an emergency phone call

In R.S.H.E, we have been looking at how to stay safe. We identified what is safe and unsafe to eat and play with. The children looked at different risks and hazards around the school and at home. We looked at what an emergency was and what to do in those circumstances. The children role played an emergency phone call, they knew to ask for the appropriate emergency services and what information they needed to provide. 


Links to Article 28 and 29. 


Autumn 1 Learning Quest Letter - Time Travellers!