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Y4 - Juniper

Welcome to Juniper Class.

The Class Teacher is Mr Shea

Interactive Games



This week in Art we were drawing pictures of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, using different pencils to create tones and effects.

This links to Article 29: The right to develop your abilities as much as possible.







Today we were learning how to perform accurate chest passes in Netball in P.E.

This links to Article 31 - sports and games:


Juniper Class 2022 - 2023  

Summer 1 & 2

Our Learning Quest is...




Today was the long-awaited trip to Harry Potter World. We all had a fantastic day exploring the sets, flying on broomsticks and finding out some closely-guarded secrets from the films. Check out the photos below:



Today we worked on using the backhand shot in tennis. We talked about accuracy, precision and the importance of being able to react and return a shot, wherever it falls.



Today we continued to work on our ball skills for tennis in P.E.


Check out the pictures below:




Spring 2

Our Learning Quest is...

'Blue Abyss'



Today the children had to complete a fitness circuit as part of our money-raising efforts for Diabetes UK. Check out the pictures below and thank you to everyone who donated.


Spring 1

Our Learning Quest is...

'The Golden Thread'



Today, Year 3 went on their second trip to Bushey Court. The children spent time asking the residents questions and finding out all about the fascinating lives they have had. The residents commented on how polite, respectful and well-behaved Year 3 were and everyone had a lovely time.



Today, Year 3 went on a special visit to the local care home, Bushey Court. We met the residents, got to know each other and played some games. Check out the pictures below:

















Autumn 2

Our Learning Quest is...

'Extraordinary Explorers'



Today we took part in a fantastic national virtual assembly on E-Safety called 'Be Internet Legends'. Children please watch the video on YouTube to recap the important points on how to stay safe online and parents watch too when you get a moment.



Today in P.E. we were using apparatus to create interesting bridges and balances. We explored how we could work with a partner to go high and low and also create symmetry. Check out the photos below:







In our Science lesson today we were investigating how we can change states of matter. We melted chocolate and observed the temperature at which it began to change from a solid to a liquid. We also considered whether white chocolate may melt faster or slower than milk chocolate. Check out the pictures below:







Today in Science we were learning about states of matter. We discovered that almost everything in the world can be catergorised as either a solid, liquid or a gas. We then sorted everyday objects into one of these three groups. Check out the pictures below:





Autumn 1

Our Learning Quest is...

'Time Travellers'

Autumn 1 Learning Quest Letter - Time Travellers



Today in RSHE we were learning about how to deal with difficult situations and who we can speak to if we are feeling worried. We role-played the right way to deal with feelings of anger and frustration. Check out the photos below: