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Silver Birch

Welcome to Silver Birch Class.

The Class Teacher is Mrs Goodchild.

Spring 1 Our Learning Quest is... Light and Shadow

R.E. What do Sikh's believe?

This term in R.E. we are learning about the Sikh faith.

We have been learning about Guru Nanak and how he became the first leader of the Sikh religion. We found out that there were 10 gurus who had the job of sharing the light of God with the Sikh people.

We have been talking about how learning faith stories is important for Sikhs. Stories help Sikhs to think about the right way to behave and treat others. We acted out the story of Guru Nanak and the river.

Science Light and Shadow

We have been learning about sources of light. We know that some light sources are natural such as the sun, and some are made by humans such as light bulbs and candles.

We went into the dark tent. We discovered that we need light for our eyes to see properly.

We worked as a team to prove that light travels in a straight line.

Spring 1 Computing

Skill: to use google classroom

We learned to;

  • Login to google classroom
  • Write a comment on the class page
  • Go to a task on the google classroom and follow the link to a quiz
  • Open the Virtual Classroom
  • Follow the link to Times Tables Rockstars
  • Login to Times Tables Rockstars

Autumn 2 Our Learning Quest is...Time Traveller

This half term we have been learning about living things.

We found out that there are seven life processes that all living things do.

We sorted pictures of animals into the 6 main groups – fish, birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects.

We went to the Forest School habitat to look for invertebrates – animals without a backbone. We found some worms, millipedes, ants, woodlice and lots of slugs. We looked at the creatures carefully.

We used classification keys to sort animals by the number of legs, body shape or of they had wings.

We also labelled the images of invertebrates.

Science - Autumn 2

Monday 12th December

Good morning Silver Birch Class.

Please log onto the google classroom and check for learning activities.

If you have not logged on before;

1. check your school gmail email account

2. accept the invitation to Silver Birch google classroom

3. check the stream for new learning.


See you soon,

Mrs Goodchild


Autumn 1 Art