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Silver Birch

Welcome to Silver Birch Class.

The Class Teacher is Mrs Vagg.

Silver Birch Class 2022 - 2023 

Summer 2 - Our Learning Quest is ... Growing and Changing

Making Pizza - Tuesday 18th July We made pizzas for our class party - they smelled and tasted delicious. Article 28: The right to an education. Article 29: Goals to an education.

Printing - We looked at designs of natural objects by William Morris. We sketched flowers and plants outside. We created designs and engraved them onto polystyrene blocks. We printed our designs carefully.

Making cakes - Monday 17th July Silver Birch Class made fairy cakes for the end of term party. Hope they taste as good as they look! Article 28: The right to an education. Article 31: The right to leisure, play and culture.

Games Day 6th July 2023 - Silver Birch enjoyed wearing team colours and earning points for their teams. They took part in hurdles, sprint and relay races. They stayed focused and showed team spirit by cheering on their friends and team mates. Well done Silver Birch!

Parents Maths Stay and Learn session - 29th June 2023.

Science - Silver Birch looked around the grounds at plants. They talked about the parts of the plant and sketched them too.

FAB Paralympics Games Festival - 15th June. We joined lots of other schools to take part in inclusive sports activities. We enjoyed joining in with Boccia, Seated Volleyball, Goalball and did an obstacle course. Thank you to everyone at FAB for organising this event.

Trip to Harry Potter World - Thursday 15th June. Some children went to Harry Potter World. They enjoyed flying on the magic broomsticks and playing quidditch.

Summer 1 - our Learning Quest is ... Solid as a Rock

Awesome home learning! Bailey created a model of a scene with Ancient Egyptian pyramids, a desert and the River Nile. Well done Bailey!

Ancient Egyptians - We found out about the River Nile. We learned that the Ancient Egyptians used a shaduf to collect water from the river to transport to their farms. We made models of shadufs.

Coronation Celebration! We dressed in red, white and blue, sang the National Anthem and waved our flags to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III.

Soil - We found out about the layers of soils. We made an edible representation of soil layers to help us to understand. We put a layer of bedrock, then parent rock, then subsoil, topsoil and organic material. Last of all we added worms. It tasted delicious!

Making a wormery. The children worked in pairs to make a wormery in a jar. They collected worms to put inside. They will observe the wormeries to find out how the worm helps to keep the soil healthy.

Ancient Egyptian homes. We labelled images of Ancient Egyptian homes. We mixed clay with straw to make bricks like Ancient Egyptians. We also made models of Ancient Egyptian homes using LEGO.

Sand - We looked at sand using magnifiers. We looked at images of magnified sand. We read a non-chronological report about sand and wrote our own reports.

Spring 2 - Our Learning Quest is ... Tales of Egypt

Shadow puppets - We made shadow puppets based on characters and objects for the story 'Cinderella of the Nile'. We used a lamp as a light source to create shadows. The shadow puppets had moving parts made with linkages and levers.

English - retelling fables

The children heard the fable of 'The boy who cried wolf'. They ordered pictures from the story and acted out the story. This helped them to use story language which they then used when retelling the story in written form. They learned how a fable usually teaches a lesson about knowing right from wrong. In this story the moral was don't tell lies otherwise you may not be believed when you tell the truth.


World Book Day - 2nd March 2023 and library visit

Silver Birch class loved dressing up as book characters for World Book Day 2023 on 2nd March. We enjoyed reading with our friends in Poplar Class and had fun guessing the story character in a quiz. We loved looking at all the books when we visited the library today.

Science - Shadow - How do shadows change?

Science - Shadows

We had some ideas about how and why shadows change size.

We carried out a fair test to see what happened to the shadow when distance from an object to the light source was changed. We measured the distance of the torch from the apple and then drew the outline of the shadow as a record. We increased the distance of the torch from the apple by 10cm each time. After that we measured the size of the shadows. We found out that the size of the shadow decreased as the distance from the light source increased.


Diabetes charity sponsored event - Friday 24th February 2023

Spring 1 Our Learning Quest is... Light and Shadow

7th February Safer Internet Day

R.E. What do Sikh's believe?

This term in R.E. we are learning about the Sikh faith.

We have been learning about Guru Nanak and how he became the first leader of the Sikh religion. We found out that there were 10 gurus who had the job of sharing the light of God with the Sikh people.

We have been talking about how learning faith stories is important for Sikhs. Stories help Sikhs to think about the right way to behave and treat others. We acted out the story of Guru Nanak and the river.

Science Light and Shadow

We have been learning about sources of light. We know that some light sources are natural such as the sun, and some are made by humans such as light bulbs and candles.

We went into the dark tent. We discovered that we need light for our eyes to see properly.

We worked as a team to prove that light travels in a straight line.

Spring 1 Computing

Skill: to use google classroom

We learned to;

  • Login to google classroom
  • Write a comment on the class page
  • Go to a task on the google classroom and follow the link to a quiz
  • Open the Virtual Classroom
  • Follow the link to Times Tables Rockstars
  • Login to Times Tables Rockstars

Autumn 2 Our Learning Quest is...Time Traveller

This half term we have been learning about living things.

We found out that there are seven life processes that all living things do.

We sorted pictures of animals into the 6 main groups – fish, birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects.

We went to the Forest School habitat to look for invertebrates – animals without a backbone. We found some worms, millipedes, ants, woodlice and lots of slugs. We looked at the creatures carefully.

We used classification keys to sort animals by the number of legs, body shape or of they had wings.

We also labelled the images of invertebrates.

Science - Autumn 2

Monday 12th December

Good morning Silver Birch Class.

Please log onto the google classroom and check for learning activities.

If you have not logged on before;

1. check your school gmail email account

2. accept the invitation to Silver Birch google classroom

3. check the stream for new learning.


See you soon,

Mrs Goodchild


Autumn 1 Art