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Y1 - Beech

Welcome to Beech Class.

The Class Teacher is Mrs Davidson.

Phonics: How to pronounce pure sounds | Oxford Owl

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This week in DT, we investigated toys with levers.

To hook us into our question 'What do Christians believe that God is like?', in Religious Education, we looked at a picture from the story of the Lost Son and thought about how the different people might be feeling.

In Music, we have been finding the pulse and beat.

In Computing, we found out about computers and robots and gave our partner instructions to follow.

In Science, we have been labelling parts of the body.

In Art, we have found out how to make secondary colours by mixing primary colours.


Spring 2 Parent Quest - Poles Apart

In Computing, we have been learning to log on with our usernames and passwords.

Collective Worship at St. Augustine's Church. We learnt about Lent.

In Art, we made models of penguins using plasticine.

In Science, we have been hunting for minibeasts.

Phonics workshop

Spring 1 Parent Quest - Out and about in Slade Green

We created a class cityscape for the school art competition. We enjoyed going to see the exhibition.

in Art, we sketched cityscapes.

In Geography, we made 3D models of Slade Green and put them together to create a 3D map of Slade Green.

In Science, we did an experiment to see how different materials changed when they were heated.

In Dance, we have been imagining we are a growing seed.

Beech Class won the attendance award this week! We are very proud!

Identifying physical and human features of Slade Green using aerial photographs in geography.

Creating a scientific key for different materials.

We visited St. Augustine's Church for Collective Worship. We listened to a story, learnt a song and wrote about what we are good at.

For geography, we walked around Slade Green to look for human and physical features.

In science, we used a feely bag to hide different materials. We felt them and described their properties.

In maths, we have been using ten frames to solve problems.

We have been finding out about materials in science. This week we sorted them.

In Maths we have been identifying, comparing and manipulating 2D and 3D shapes.

Autumn 2 quest - Seasons

Look at the amazing toys we have made in out Design and Technology lessons.

In art, we painted pictures to represent different seasons.

Christmas Jumper Day!

In R.E. we have been learning about Advent.

Year 1 Christmas Performance

In Science we did an experiment to find the temperature of different beakers of water. We looked closely at the thermometer and wrote down the temperature reading.

As part of Religious Education, we visited St. Augustine's Church, to look for signs of Christmas.

In History we have been learning about war memorials. We visited the war memorial at St. Augustine's Church.

In History, our key question this week was Why is it important to remember? As part of our work we made the Tower of London and poppy installation.