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Y5 - Larch

Welcome to Larch Class.

The Class Teacher is Mrs Stokes.

Autumn 1 2021 - Land of the Pharaohs

2020 to 2021

Today, the children completed their charity circuits to raise money for Diabetes UK. The children had so much fun completing their circuit. Well done Larch Class!

This week for ICT we have been working hard on Times Table Rockstars to improve our quick recall of multiplication. The children in Larch class are really competitive and try hard to beat their peers.

For Geography this term, we have been learning mapping skills, how to use a compass and how to identify human and physical features.  We took the children on a walk around Slade Green, where they had to use their compasses to locate different attractions on their maps. The children's behaviour was outstanding on the trip and all enjoyed their walk and worked hard to use their compasses. Links to Christian Values: Respect, Koinonia and Trust Links to articles: 3, 28, 29,31

This term, we have been learning about the life cycles of amphibians and insects.  We decided to visit our Forest School to hunt for minibeasts.  We found a frog in the pond, some snails, beetles and spiders. Links to articles: 3, 28, 29 and 31 Links to our Christian Values of Koinonia and Respect

We have been celebrating Earth Day.  We used recycled bottle lids to recreate the Earth.  The children really enjoyed this!

Articles: 3, 28, 29

Links to Christian Values: Hope, Respect and Koinonia

We have been celebrating Earth Day in school and our half term homework was a competition to create a fairy garden using recycled materials.  Here are some of the amazing fairy gardens that some of the children created.

Links to articles: 3, 6 and 27

Links to Christian Values: Hope and Respect

In P.E this term, we have been focusing on Football skills.  Each week the children have been building on their knowledge and skills of how to tackle, attack and defend.  The children have been working well as part of a team to build on their skills.  Links to articles: 3 and 31 and our Christian Values of Koinonia and respect.

In Science, we have been investigating reversible and irreversible changes. This is one of the experiments the children completed.  They had to try to discovered whether they could mix water with soil together and then separate them.  The children discovered that the change is reversible and used filter paper to separate them.  The children really enjoyed this experiment! Links to articles: 28, 29

The Year 5s planted potatoes this week, ready for our potato competition! #GYOP

In our ICT lessons this term we are learning to design our own website.  Today,  the children began by learning how to create their own name for the website thinking about font styles and sizes and how to add relevant images to their page and how to make their images bigger or smaller.


They really enjoyed designing their own website and all had very good ideas.

Today the children have been learning how to divide Fractions in their Maths lessons.  They were all worried about this at the beginning of the lesson and didn't think they would understand how to work them out.  By the end of the lesson they had all completed their work and were even able to complete a challenge.


Quotes from the children after the lesson


"I love Fractions Mrs Stokes!" 


"That was so much easier than I thought!"


"Can I finish my challenge before I get my lunch?"


This was lovely to here.  Well done Larch Class!!

It is so lovely to have all our children back in school!  The children are settling back in very well and have been enjoying their lessons and seeing their friends again.  


In Art, the children are learning about textiles.  They have designed their own mobile phone case and are learning how to sew and embroider it.

Today they began to sew their cases together using either and overlock stitch or a running stitch.  This was not easy but the children really enjoying the lesson.

Larch Class are really enjoying seeing their friends again.  Games such as football, skipping and stuck in the mud seem to be the favourite at the moment. 

Today the children have been writing a Non-Chronological report about the British Industrial Revolution.  They have been so interested in this topic and have spent a lot of time asking questions and thinking about whether they would have liked to have lived during the revolution or not.  


Larch Class enjoying a bit of quiet time, chilling out, read their books. 

Today, Year 5 had a virtual visit from Ruthy, who is a firefighter.  She was teaching the children how to stay safe in the event of a fire and how to prevent fires from occurring in the first place.  The children were very well behaved and polite to Ruthy and all engaged in asking sensible questions and roleplaying what they would do in the event of a fire.  

Article 3 - In the best interest of the child

Article 6 - Life survival and development

Article 28 - The right to education


In our History lessons this half term we have been learning about NASA and SpaceX.  At the end of the half term, the children were able to use evidence from work completed in their lessons to have a very sensible debate regarding which one was better, NASA or SpaceX.  The children came up with some very valid reasons as to why their choice was the best choice to make.

  • Article 3 - The best interest of the child
  • Article 12 - Respect for the views of the child
  • Article 13 - Freedom of expression
  • Article 28 - Right to education
  • Article 29 - Goals of education

We were all so excited when it began to snow that we had to go outside an celebrate by making snowmen and having a fun snowball fight.  The children had such a good time! (So did the adults)

  • Article 3 - The best interest of the child
  • Article 31 - The right to leisure, play and culture

This term in Art, the children have been learning to use a variety of techniques to add effects and to use inspiration of famous artists to replicate a piece of work.  The children worked so hard and have all recreated amazing pieces of artwork!  This lesson links to these articles;

  • Article 28 - The right to education
  • Article 29 - Goals of education
  • Article 31 - leisure, play and culture


Merry Christmas Everyone!

Still image for this video
Larch Class have had a wonderful day celebrating Christmas with each other.  They have had a great time completing Christmas activities, making Christmas cards, enjoying their party and watching a movie with popcorn, hot chocolate and party food.  They even had a visit from Santa!  Larch Class would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas.
Well done to these pupils for gaining their certificates for their Masters of Tables!!

This term in D.T pupils have been researching, designing, making and evaluating a board game.  They have also tried hard to link this with their Science to include a lever or a pully into their game.  The pupils have really enjoyed creating and playing their games and they are fantastic!!.



This term in art we have been focusing on painting landscapes using different media and tools.  Pupils were painting in the style of Pointillism using cotton buds to make small dots on the page to create their landscapes.  They have also used water colours to paint landscapes.  This was not easy and the work produced was fantastic!!  Well done Larch Class. Article 29: every child has the right to develop their talents.


This term in our RSHE lessons, pupils have been learning how to make good decisions with money.  They have learnt about savings, interest rates, banking and budgeting their money.  They have also been thinking carefully about how to priorities what they are going to buy, thinking about the things they want and things they need.  Pupils also made their own money boxes to start their savings. Article 28: Every child has the right to an education.


Amazing homework and additional homework that pupils have decided to complete by themselves.  Well done everyone!! 

In art this term the pupils have been designing and creating their own Canopic Jars using clay.  They used clay tools to engrave their jars and used paint to decorate them.

Article 29: Every child has the right to develop their talents.


Well done to the children in Larch Class who have written their names in Hieroglyphics for their homework.  They look amazing!!