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Y5 - Larch

Welcome to Larch Class.

The Class Teacher is Mrs Stokes.

Summer 1 - Our Learning Quest is: Beast Creator

Geography: This week we conducted a field study survey of our local area. We walked around Slade Green identifying its land-use, looking at traffic, noise levels, cleanliness and trying to identify any changes in the area. We used our British Values of Respect and Democracy for this lesson as we each had our own opinions. This also links to Article 3: The best interest of the child and Article 28: The right to an education.

English: This term we are learning about minibeasts. Today we visited Forest School to look for minibeast to help us when writing our non-chronological reports next week. Links to Article 3: The Best Interest of the Child. Article 28: The Right to an Education.

Geography: This term we are focusing on our local area. Today we have been looking at maps and aerial photos of Slade Green and we created our own maps. We were also learning how diverse Slade Green is and which changes have occurred over time and why. Links to Articles 3: The Best Interest of the Child and Article 28: The Right to an Education. British Value: Democracy.

Science: In science this week we have been learning about irreversible changes. We heated up an egg white to see what happened. We even touched the materials before and after heating to see if they felt different. We learnt that when we heat up an egg white, the material changes and cannot be reversed. Article 28: The Right to an Education. British Value: Democracy

P.E - In P.E this term we are learning the skills needed to play a game of Rounders. Today we learnt the rules of the game and how to bat and bowl a ball. We really enjoyed our P.E lesson today. Article 3: The Best Interest of the Child, Article 6: The Right to Life, Survival and Development, Article 24: The Right to Health.

Spring 2 - Our Learning Quest is: A Spoonful of Sugar

Today we took Year 5 to Kent Life for a Victorian Day. The children learnt so much about the Victorian era and had so much fun making Rag Rugs, pretending to be grocers, butchers and bakers, experiencing lessons in a Victorian classroom and much more. Well done Year 5 for being so well behaved! Articles; 28- right to an education, 3 - the best interest of the child, 31 - Leisure, play and culture.

This week we have been celebrating World Book Day. We had fun dressing up as our favourite book characters and reading/sharing books with others and in strange places. We also enjoyed having parents come into school for our Book café. Thank you to our parents for coming in to share books with us!

In our D.T lesson this wee we have been looking at a variety of Victorian dishes. We decided to recreate the classic Victoria Sponge Cake and make it a more healthier version. Article 3 - The best interest of the child.

In Science this week, we have been learning that some materials will dissolve in liquid. We conducted a fair test to discover what affects how well sugar dissolves.

Today we have been learning which materials allow electricity to pass through them. Which materials are conductors and insulators. Pupils created a circuit with a break in it. They then added different materials to the break to see if they were conductors or insulators.

In Science we are learning about properties and changes to materials. Today we have been comparing and grouping items according to their conductivity of heat. We conducted a simple experiment to see what would happen if we placed butter on a metal spoon and on a wooden spoon and held it over hot water. We have learnt that metal is a conductor of heat and that is why we use metal to make things like saucepans and radiators. Article 28 - The right to an education.

Spring 1 - Our Learning Quest is: Earth and Beyond

Spring 1 - Earth and Beyond Parent Quest Letter

Amazing Homework!! Well done to the children that have created some amazing 3-D models of planets. We have added these to our class display. Article: 28 The Right to an Education, Article 29 - Goals to Education

In our Art lessons we are learning that collage is the artistic technique and explore artists that use it. Links to Article 28 - The Right to an Education. Christian Value of Koinonia and British Value of Individual Liberty.

Religious Education - In our R.E lesson this week we were focusing on what the connections are between biblical text and Christians ideas of God. We used this information to created a class image showing what we have learnt that Christians believe about God. Links to Article 14 - Freedom of Thought, Belief and Religion.

RSHE - This term we are learning about basic first aid. With our new knowledge we are beginning to make our own First Aid booklets with instructions on how to carry out basic first aid. Links to articles: 3 -In the Best Interest of the Child, Article 28 - The Right to and education.

Autumn 2 - Parent Quest Overview - Through the Portal

In our D.T lessons, we have been learning how to design and strengthen a small structure by using triangulation. We have been making Narnia wardrobes and have really enjoyed it!

Today, Year 5 went to Trinity School to watch their production of High School Musical. We were so proud of all the children as their behaviour was impeccable! Well done Trinity school, the performance was amazing and we all loved it. Links to Articles: 29 - Goals for Education. 3 - Best Interest of the Child and our Christian Values of Hope, Respect and Koinonia.

This week we joined a virtual assembly about Internet Safety. The children really enjoyed this and interreacted appropriately and answered questions in a mature manner. Links to Articles: 3 The Best Interest of the Child, Article 16: The Right to Privacy, Article 19: Protection from Violence, Abuse and Neglect

In Computing this week, the children have been learning about Morse Code. They really enjoyed using Morse Code to send messages to their peers and trying to decode them. Article 28 - The Right to an Education

Thank you so much to the children for joining in and dressing up for Spotty Day for Children in Need. Thank you for all your donations!

Well done Larch Class for participating in Anti-Bullying Week and wearing odd socks to show that it is okay to be different. We are all unique! The children created Anti-bullying posters, Reach Out Hands, to show who they could talk to if they were worried and Reach Out Rainbows. Links to Articles: 2 - Non-discrimination, 12 - Respect for children's views, 13 - Sharing thoughts freely and 19 - Protection from violence.

In our D.T lessons we are learning how to design and make a wardrobe from wood. The children began the bottom of their wardrobes today and have begun to use triangulation to strengthen their small structure.

This week, Year 5 visited Reverend Jim at St Augustine's Church. The children really enjoyed their visit.

Larch Class have settled in well to Year 5 and are working hard in all subjects.

In history the children have been learning about the impact that Black Death had on Britain. They presented their findings by creating large scale fact files.

In computing the children are learning to create their own game. So far they have planned their own ideas, created backgrounds and moving characters.

In science the children have been learning about gravity and how to measure weight and mass. They enjoyed using the Newton Meters.

We have been having fun learning our times tables this week and trying hard to beat our highest score.