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Y5 - Larch

A Fruity Delight!

A Fruity Delight! 1
A Fruity Delight! 2
A Fruity Delight! 3

Princes, Peasants and Pestilence.


Back to the middle ages we go as we discover how the Black Death traveled around the country causing all sorts of problems to the folk.  We will discover the hierarchy of the social classes and take a quick glimpse at how the knights lived in those bygone days.

The legend, Sword in the Stone will be explored and newspaper reports will be published on King Arthur pulling the sword out of the stone.

Mrs Mawhood and Mrs Hawkins are the teachers for this class.

Egyptian Day

Egyptian Day 1
Egyptian Day 2
Egyptian Day 3
Egyptian Day 4
Egyptian Day 5
Egyptian Day 6

Autumn 1

The Land of Pharoahs.

This half term, we will be learning about the Egyptians.  It's an exciting quest as we find out how important the deceased were and the rituals they put in place for the afterlife.  We will create our names using hieroglyphics and we will develop our drawing skills by sketching some artefacts found in Tutankhamun's tomb.  I wonder if the stories about his tomb are true?

Our Quest is The Land of Pharaohs. Autumn 1